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предоставляет право на участие в управлении компании. А) предоставляет право на участие в управлении компанией — акция, так как обыкновенные акция позволяют голосовать на общем собрании. – долевая ценная бумага, которая даёт. Акция даёт владельцу права на получение части прибыли компании в виде дивидендов, участие в ее управлении (право голоса на общем Совокупность прав, которые акция предоставляет инвестору, напрямую зависит от того.

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  1. adelino gama

    Esta es musica verdadera no como las de ahora en dia solo hablan de sexo,mujeres,alcohol,dinero sin duda la musica 70,80,90 es la mejor epóca like si piensas lo mismo❤😭😍

  2. Robert Triplett

    one of greatest ballads and songs ever might be best male voice ever thanks

  3. Victor Carmona

    Que puedo decir …..no tengo palabras para mi admiración para ese tema…me extremese..el escucharla…

  4. Joan Manalo

    The vocalist, my goodness! You nailed it man! What a Legend you are!!😍😍

  5. Ольга Ерошина

    Зачем старого ставить на заставку а поет молодой

  6. adrian fisher

    We had better find out what love is, and soon, or we’re doomed.what a world we live in now let’s fix it.

  7. Viviane Silva


  8. Herman Ardaya

    Essa é clássico e linda mexe com sentimento combina com dia dos namorado

  9. evandrovoccal official

    Hi! I love foreigner very much, and this is my humble tribute. Hope you enjoy.😉

  10. Bartosz Kaczan

    There is one right way back home, only one Name to get saved- Jesus.

    He is the real (Word of) God, there is only one Spirit of the everlasting love- it is Christ, who loves unconditionally .

    Everybody can meet Him and understand, how He really is. He tells the truth directly to everyone, who is searching for Him from the bottom of the heart. Jesus Christ is so much different than they wrote and talk about Him in this world.

    He is so much better than the people think. There is no other Gods Name, no other Spirit, nobody who can tell the truth about Him- I mean everyone who hasn t met Him or doesnt hear His voice.

    When somebody talks about things, which were written, he becomes a witness of a scripture, not of Jesus Christ.

    This world is not His Kingdom, thats why it is full of lies, which the people called truth.

    Call His holy Name, He always answers when we ask honest and all we want is Him and His truth..

    If you belive in Jesus Chris, let somebody babtise you in His Name…
    Ask honest and let the Holy Spirit fill you and you can listen to the Word of GOD in your heart. .
    GOD will let you know that you are saved and born again.

    And then…..

    Will you be searching for Him somewhere else or by someone else, when He will live inside of you?

  11. Luzia Queiroz

    Gente essas músicas não tem como não repetir é maravilhosas

  12. Helena Hentzelova

    Liberec -❤️, ( Česká republika, ) Stále sleduji Miluji tuto píseň … Kapela je také skvělá … 👌👍👏

  13. Nani Sudarni

    I love this Song very much. Best Regard From Indonseia 👍🥰🇲🇨

  14. Javier Ojeda

    Q temaso por el amor de Dios me mueroooo se me pone la piel de gallina

  15. Sherell Hill

    Right now u better be thinking thangs over. Come tougher USA America. We can do this. Sherell Hill.
    Alabama USA.

  16. Nathania Azzahra

    Ive gotta take a little time
    A little time to think things over
    I better read between the lines
    In case I need it when Im older

    Now this mountain, I must climb
    Feels like the world upon my shoulders
    But through the clouds, I see love shine
    It keeps me warm as life grows colder

    In my life, theres been heartache and pain
    I dont know if I can face it again
    Cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
    To change this lonely life

    I wanna know what love is
    I want you to show me
    I wanna feel what love is
    I know you can show me (Ooh)

    Im gonna take a little time
    A little time to look around me
    Ive got nowhere left to hide
    It looks like love has finally found me

    In my life, theres been heartache and pain
    I dont know if I can face it again
    I cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
    To change this lonely life

    I wanna know what love is
    I want you to show me
    I wanna feel what love is
    I know you can show me

    I wanna know what love is
    I want you to show me
    (And I wanna feel) I wanna feel what love is
    (And I know) I know you can show me

    Lets talk about love (I wanna know what love is)
    Love that you feel inside (I want you to show me)
    And Im feeling so much love (I wanna feel what love is)
    Oh no, you just cannot hide (I know you can show me)

    Ohh, I wanna know what love is
    (Lets talk about love) I know you can show me
    I wanna feel it (I wanna feel what love is) I wanna feel it, too
    And I know, and I know, I know you can show me
    (Hold me back if Im wrong, yeah)

    I wanna know
    (I want you to show me)
    I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
    (I want to feel what love is) I wanna feel

  17. Michael Boyd

    Reading between the lines — in case need them when Im older … ok. Im older.

  18. Steven Pokines

    Ill tell ya what. I grew up in the 80 s when this group was legend. I believe the new singer is quite amazing, and this sounds awesome.

  19. Clécio Carvalho

    Música q atravesar gerações e sempre será um sucesso..

  20. Iskandar Shah

    Oh God, this one is so very inspirational! Wonderful deliverance…hold my breath alongway….


    Es un genio cantando tremenda voz y el cantante primero es otro genio lo que por problema de salud no pudo seguir cantando en el grupo. Pero hay que reconocer que es un grupo con mucho prestigio en el mundo desde que surgió su carrera artística lo felicitó y que sigan cosechando muchos éxitos

  22. Paulo Ricardo Martins Marim

    Esse cara fez parte da minha vd musical fora de serie muito bom .

  23. Automotive electronics from schematics by Joseph

    One of the best songs ever but did not sound like it with this rendition

  24. Carol S

    I had tix to see them at Red Rocks in July with Kansas….I really hope the rescheduled tour happens ❤🎶

  25. Sabrina Calicchio

    It is my favorite topic it hurts the sad memories that I tre💞

  26. Rick Du Corte Barbeiro Profissional Instrutor

    2021 ?.musicas. que marcaram gerações 😍👍

  27. Carlos Ordaya

    esta música lo escuchaba mi padre : siempre que lo veía, limpiar la sala, ordenar la ropa y entraba a mi cuarto, el iba con su celular escuchando Foreigner . Hoy cumple 7 meses de fallecido 😭 y la nostalgia de esta melodía es espectacular trae tantos recuerdos con mi padre, te amo papito!

  28. H3000

    5:24 Putt on your heaphones. That note is insane. Few people can do that.

  29. Suelia Dias

    2020 ouvindo isso,,,,,delícia, pena que o tempo ñ volta😥

  30. Vana Lima

    4,4 dislikes of people who dont know how to appreciate a beautiful song.

  31. Nurul Tea

    Wow….Steven Tyler (Aerosmith). Before with Nuno, sing a song More Than Word. Bravo!

  32. Everaldo Pereira de Souza

    Uma vez dancei esta música com uma menina. Ela tinha um cheirinho gostoso de ploc hortelã. Inesquecível.

  33. Michael Knight

    eso es musica de los 80 y 90 y yo las tengo toda 10 mil canciones ok

  34. Lisa Borsella

    It is just so good. But no one can do it like Lou did! It is his song.

  35. Emilio Tunez

    Que subidón!!!
    Los viejos rockeros nunca mueren!

  36. Sara Pérez

    Escuchando # 1ro de Enero 2021😍 estás si son canciones que te hacen latir el ❤👏

  37. july July

    😍😍😍😍 ..i wanna know what love is 🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍

  38. Adrian M.

    Merveilleux concert !!!! Une des meilleures chansons damour de tous les temps! Aimez simplement cette musique réconfortante et émouvante qui élève mon âme.

  39. Luzia Queiroz

    Ele é d mais amoo essa voz em particular meu preferido a música é tudo lindaa lindaaa❤💋💋💋💋💋

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